The Gill Corporation was founded on September 11, 1945 by a man who believed that "plastics" was the future - Merwyn "M.C." Gill. He started the company in a garage in Montebello and, today, it is the oldest, continuously operating manufacturer of advanced composites for the aviation industry in the world.

The company originally produced products for the consumer market. Some were unique, like a plastic wall covering that was before its time and balsa bat and cork ball baseball game set. But, after seven years of struggling, an opportunity emerged to manufacture belly baggage compartment wall linings for Douglas Aircraft's DC-6. The company grasped the opportunity and we've been in commercial aviation since that time. The company still makes "cargo liner" today, but it's a different product than it was then.

During the early 1960's, the corporation developed a line of floor panels to withstand the damage caused by women's spiked heels. For a while the corporation made its living selling cargo liner and replacement floor panels to airlines around the world. Eventually, we qualified different panels to all the OEMs (Boeing, Airbus, Douglas, Lockheed, etc.) This became our second product line.

In the mid 1980's, floor panel construction changed and balsa was replaced by aramid honeycomb as the core material. That made it necessary for the corporation to develop the capability of making aramid honeycomb and in the early 1990's the corporation secured a contract with Boeing for Nomex honeycomb. That became our third product line.

In 1960 the corporation relocated to the current Building #1. Over the years we have expanded from 1 building of 25,000 square feet and 15 employees to 8 buildings with 400,000 square feet and over 500 on staff. Between 1980 and 2001, we acquired Royal Plastics (since sold), Space-Flex (merged into Royal), Castle Industries (merged into our El Monte operation) Alcore (name changed to The Gill Corporation - Maryland), Alcore Brigantine (name changed to The Gill Corporation - France) and Insoleq (name changed to The Gill Corporation - Europe). We are currently 4 divisions with over 1,000 staff.

In 2009, the third generation Gill family member, Jennifer (Gill) Zinniker, joined the corporation at the El Monte campus.

In 2014 the corporation received a contract from Boeing to fabricate, kit and supply all the passenger section floor panels for the Boeing 787 and this opened our fourth product line. The corporation is a family owned and operated business that has been successful for over 70 years because of the people who work here and our dedication to our mantra - Make a quality product, deliver it on time, and do whatever it takes to keep the customer happy!

Peerless Plastics, the first company location in Montebello, CA. 

The Gill Corporation - Maryland

The Gill Corporation - France

The Gill Corporation Europe, Ltd

Generations of company leadership: Jennifer Gill (standing), M.C. Gill (seated), Stephen Gill (standing).
Aerial photos of the El Monte campus in 2012.
Newest addition to the El Monte campus, Building 8 sits adjacent to the existing seven building campus.